Large Dry Food Container With Lid, Rice Storage Measuring Cylinder | Slicier
Automatic Rice Storage & Dispenser $89.95
✈️ FREE Worldwide Shipping Today! Does your stored rice get damp, or do you find bugs in them?  These are the most common problems with rice that make it hard to store them.   This Automatic Rice Storage & Dispenser is here to vanish all such storage worries for you. It keeps rice airproof to sustain their freshness and makes it easy to get them with the press of a button. This dispenser is a must-have for every kitchen. What you’ll get: ✅ Big capacity storage: This container holds 12 kilograms of rice easily. Its transparent design keeps you informed of the exact amount of rice in the rice container, allowing you to refill it on time. ✅ Easy use: The rounded-shaped button is soft and easy to click. The measuring cup is printed with a quantity design to get the precise rice quantity. The handle of the cup is also ergonomically designed to give you a strong grip. ✅ Quality dispenser system: This holder is equipped with a quality dispenser system – no cover opening hassle to get the rice. Simply keep the measuring cup on the holder’s seat and press the button to get rice. ✅ Safe storage: A built-in seal on the inner side of the holder’s cover prevents it from air contact and moisture. It also prevents the contents from insects. ✅ Drainage mechanism: The measuring cup has tiny drainage holes that are useful in washing the contents.   
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Self Stirring Coffee Mug Self Electric Automatic Mixing Cups | Slicier
Self Stirring Coffee Mug $19.95 $39.90
  Are you still stirring your own coffee like some sort of savage? Pouring your coffee, putting in your cream and sugar, and then wasting a good clean spoon by stirring it up to mix your coffee properly? Stop this non-sense! This unique coffee mug will stir itself with the push of a button on the handle of the mug. Just hold the button down and a blade on the bottom of the mug will spin, thus stirring your coffee perfectly every time. The electronic self-stirring coffee mug comes in a few different colors to choose from, requires 2 AAA batteries (which are not included), can hold up to 13.5 fluid oz, has a double insulated design to keep your coffee hot for longer, and even comes with a drink lid so you can take it with you while you travel! Features: Battery powered self-stirring coffee mug Comes with a travel lid Made from stainless steel and PC A few different color options Requires 2 AAA batteries Holds 13.5 fluid oz A trigger button on the handle ✈️ FREE Worldwide Shipping Today! Due to high demand, shipping times are estimated between 1-4 weeks.  
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Automatic Rotating Peeler Electric Fruits Vegetables | Slicier
Slicier - Automatic Rotating Peeler $49.95 $89.95
✈️ FREE Worldwide Shipping Today! Peel Anything in Seconds! ✅ KITOOL's Peeler will cut your prep time in half! ✅ Saving you time, effort and energy. ✅ KITOOL's Peeler can be used to peel: Apples, Sweet potatoes, Eggplant, Kiwis, Peaches, Tomatoes, in a fast and easy way! An indispensable kitchen tool! ✅ Just peel the skin, without wasting any of the nutrition of the fruit or vegetables. ✅ Great for helping kids eat their veg, perfect for vegans, vegetarians, people on diets, the health-conscious and everyone who loves to cook! Over the past months, we have had a very large demand. Due to this high demand please allow a total of 1-4 weeks for this product to arrive on your door. 
Manual Fruit Juicer Lemon Squeezer Aluminium Easy Use | Slicier
Manual Fruit Squeezer from $29.95 $39.95
 ✈️ Free Worldwide Shipping Today! Drinking juice in your daily diet provides you with a good amount of vitamin C.  But what if your electric juicer is broken?  Would you skip drinking juice because squeezing fruits with bare hands is difficult?  You don’t have to!  Squeeze fresh juice with our Manual Fruit Squeezer in a breeze.  Convenient to use and filter the juice right away, this hand juicer will let you get juice without hassle. ✅ Fastest Way To Squeeze Fruits - When it comes to juice manually, no other item can do it better than our Fruit Squeezer - the quickest way to squeeze a lemon, apple, or orange, pomegranate, and more!  ✅ Easy To Use Mechanism -  Extra Large Bowl can handle whole lemon and lime, put it all in, single press and done! ✅ Compact Design - Unlike other mechanically operated squeezers, ours is created to save as much space as possible in your kitchen so it can neatly be tucked away whenever it’s not in use. ✅ High-Quality Kitchen Tool - Everything from the body to the blades is built to last – made from FDA - Approved Food Grade Plastic or high-quality aluminum alloy and steel which gives it a long life and prevents rusting.
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Vegetable Onion Chopper Veggie Fruit Dicer Cutter with Colander Basket
Slicier - Vegetable Onion Chopper $24.95 $49.90
TAKE THIS BEST CUTTER TO YOUR HOME! The different blade inserts can be combined, cut thick slices, thin slices, cubes, and sixths! Simply insert the food, press it and everything is cut perfectly in seconds. Whether soft or hard foods such as Zucchini, tomato, mushrooms, eggs, lemons and more! The extra-sharp stainless steel blades are reinforced for fast, consistent results - every time. With these Fruits And Vegetables Cutter you can cut directly into the pan, bowl or pot: For speed and flexibility without great effort and dirt in the kitchen. Or click the collection container on the handset - for direct cutting in! With the freshness cover, you can keep the remaining airtight. This is the perfect kitchen helper for quick and healthy meals in an instant. Benefits: Easy to clean, dishwasher safe. Works up to 10x faster than using your old knives. Snap-on perfect portion container with the fresh-keeping lid. Combines five interchangeable slicing options into one handheld slicer, the quick-lock function for safe, compact storage. Package Include:  3 x Knife insert. 1 x Blind frame. 1 x Nicer Dicer Quick. 1 x Frischhaltedeckel. 1 x Collecting container (capacity: 200ml).
 Dishwashing Sponge Gloves for Kitchen | Silicone Gloves Reusable
Dishwashing Sponge Gloves (2pcs) $29.95
 ✈️ Free Worldwide Shipping Today! ✅ Fda Approved - Made from 100% food-grade silicone, non-latex, perfect for washing dishware as well as fruits and vegetables. ✅ Easy To Use And Clean - Use the Magic Hands for all your kitchen cleaning needs and then toss it in your dishwasher when you're done using it. ✅ Heat Resistant - The Magic Hands are heat resistant up to 160 degrees Celsius so they can be sterilized with boiling water or in a microwave. It can also be used to pick up and move out hot kitchenware. ✅ Safe And Efficient -  The Magic Hands are environmentally friendly and save you the hassle of constantly buying new sponges. Its soft bristles also prevent any scratches to your dishware.  ✅ Perfect Gift - The Magic Hands are the perfect gift for your family and friends.
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Meat Tenderizer Stainless Steel Ultra Sharp Needle Blades Kitchen Cooking Tool
Hoomall Meat Tenderizer Tool $29.95 $49.95
 Steak Wholesale blowtorches cooking cutlery plastic dinner set power hammer chicken farm tailorable hoomall beef Model Number / Material Metal Meat & Poultry Tools Type Tenderizers Pounders Wholesale tarp meat hammer Price veal steaks steak needle needles cooking blunt stainless steel Feature Eco-Friendly 1 Professional Meat Hammer 2 High-Quality Tools Dish plate Price stainless steel hammered cooking needles meat Promotion hammer steak Feature 3 Cooking Tools For Meat Pork Unit Type piece Package Weight 0.13kg (0.29lb.) Tools meat Promotion professional cooking tool steak hammer pork Package Size 15cm x   
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Defrosting Tray for Frozen Meat Rapid Thawing Plate | Slicier
Slicier - Fast Defrosting Tray $39.95 $39.90
Just place your frozen meat on the super-defrosting tray and see the magic. You do not need to microwave your frozen meat to defrost or to wait for several hours until the meat is melted, This super defrosting tray is made from premium thermal conductive aluminum to speed up the thawing process and is speed 8 times faster than room temperature. Features:    Defrosting tray 8 times faster than room temperature.  No bacteria build up!  Quickly thaws meat with no electricity The ideal alternative to microwaving, which partially cooks the meat as it thaws. PERFECT for anyone who loves to BBQ or Grill Limited Stock! Our defrosting plate is your best choice. Order Today And Receive FREE SHIPPING!!
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Manual Food Chopper, Hand Pull String Onion Chopper Easy to Clean | Slicier
Slicier - Manual Food Chopper $19.95 $39.95
✈️ FREE Worldwide Shipping Today!  Crank Chop is easy to use, easy to wash, and easy to store. Plus, you can say goodbye to bulky, heavy food processors and the loud noise that comes with them. Best of all, Crank Chop is FUN! We guarantee once you start chopping, you'll be looking for more things to chop, mince and puree! Crank Chop is Built Tough to Last for Years!  ✅ Stay-Sharp Stainless Steel Blades  ✅ Military-Grade Parachute Material Nylon Cord  ✅ High-Quality Dishwasher Safe Plastic  ✅ Removable Blades for Take-N-Go Design  ✅ Ergonomic Handle  Crank Chop™ is easy as 1-2-3:  
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Knife Sharpener Helps Repair Restore, Polish Blades and Cut | Slicier
Slicier - Fast Knife Sharpener $19.99 $39.99
✈️ FREE Worldwide Shipping Today! FASTEST WAY TO SHARPENER KNIFE: When it comes to the sharpener, no other item can do it better than our Fast Knife Sharpener. HIGH-QUALITY KITCHEN TOOL: Everything from the body to the blades is built to last – made with excellent ABS plastic, it’s strong, durable and designed to last a lifetime. EASY TO USE MECHANISM: The fast knife sharpener makes you cook with a fun, safe and healthy situation. Dimensions are 20.5 x 7.2cm. Over the past months, we have had a very large demand. Due to this high demand please allow a total of 2-4 weeks for this product to arrive on your door.
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Slicier - 4 in 1 Portable Electric Vegetable Cutter Set
Slicier - 4 in 1 Portable Electric Vegetable Cutter Set $39.95 $79.95
✈️ FREE Worldwide Shipping Today! Cut your Meal Prep Time With 4 in 1 Portable Electric Vegetable Cutter Set! ALL IN 1! ✔️ Electric Vegetable Cutter✔️ Electric Meat Mincer✔️ Electric Cleaning Brush Two different sharp blades perform an automatic rapid spinning with just an easy press. ✔️ Comes with a feeding port that allows you to directly add food anytime while eliminating repeated opening of the lid. ✔️ Fully washable body and a 1-key cleaning function! Simply put on detergent and some water inside the open port, press the start button to stir and wash the residues then rinse it, and done. ✔️ Easily slice or mince ingredients into a thin crisp or as coarsely or finely as you like. ✔️ Garlic, chilis, carrots, onions, peppers, cowpeas, asparagus, yams, meats, etc. suits everything! ✔️ It also has a handy peeler that neatly removes vegetables or fruit skin in a swipe without stripping too much flesh. ✔️ The multifunctional set even includes a bristles brush that you can attach to the device for quick and thorough electric cleaning.  4 in 1 Portable Electric Vegetable Cutter Set With it, you can have an electric vegetable slicer and an electric meat grinder at the same time. One machine is multi-purpose, convenient and fast. Electric Cleaning Electric hard bristle pot brush cleaning, remove stubborn stains quickly and easily. Quickly into the pot Portable vegetable slicer for fast slicing, no need for a container to cook in seconds, the garlic slices and chili rings are even and beautiful and cut fresh vegetables directly into the pot. One-key Cleaning After use, add detergent to rinse the whole machine, stir for 5 seconds and rinse with running water, which is convenient and fast to clean
Automatic Electric Wine Bottle Corkscrew Opener with Foil Cutter, Rechargeable
Electric Wine Opener $49.95
 ✈️ Free Worldwide Shipping Today! ✅ Rechargeable Electric Wine Bottle Opener - Easily remove corks in seconds. Compatible with most wine bottle sizes. Open up to 30 bottles on a single charge. ✅ Easy to Use - Simply place it on top of your wine bottle, press a button, and tada, your wine is open and ready to serve. ✅ Small Footprint Saves Space - Our electric wine bottle opener is small enough to store discreetly away when not in use. Keep the charging base next to your wine fridge, storage rack, credenza, etc.  ✅ Makes an Amazing Present - An elegant color makes our electric wine bottle opener an attractive present, or use it at home when catering, at banquets, in restaurants, or behind the bar. ✅ Premium Gift - This Electric Wine Opener is the perfect gift for your family and friends.
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 Manual Frozen Meat Slicer, Upgraded Meat Cutter for Beef | Slicier
Slicier - Manual Frozen Meat Slicer $29.95 $59.95
   ✈️ FREE Worldwide Shipping Today! SLICING MEATS IS OFTEN ONE OF THE MOST TIME CONSUMING JOBS WHEN COOKING & FOOD PREPPING - NOT ANYMORE! This multifunctional kitchen slicer will help you slice any food with surgical precision!   The multifunctional kitchen slicer helps to quickly and easily slice frozen and thawed meat. Cut anything from beef, lamb, chicken, ham, and fish! Great for making sandwich meat, steak, hotpot, sukiyaki, pizza topping, or into jerky for treats. Don't stop there though, cut apples, cheese or other items as well!   Small & Portable - Take anywhere including cookouts!    MAIN FEATURES:   Even Cuts: No need to be a chef, our tool takes out the hard labor and cuts clean and even every time! Quick: Slice meat, vegetables, and cheese in seconds! Safe & Clean: Unlike traditional knives, ours comes with a shield for the blade to help protect your fingers! Cleaning is very simple! High-Quality Steel: Made from high-quality alloy steel and food-grade plastic! Tips:  To avoid damaging the blade, do not cut bone-in meat. Wash thoroughly after you're done and air dry!
-31% sale
Electric Mini Garlic Chopper, 250ml Food Mincer Onion Cutter | Slicier
Slicier - Electric Mini Garlic Chopper $34.95 $49.97
  No more stinky garlic fingers!  ✅ Powerful Electric Motor - Compact and lightweight, the Mini Chopper helps you complete quick small jobs, like chopping garlic, ginger, peppers, carrots, vegetables, onions, chicken, and more with ease. ✅ One-Touch Control - hands-free chopping that efficiently evenly shred food in seconds.  ✅ USB Rechargeable - charge your Mini Chopper with any USB port and get days of use with only an hour of charging time, the perfect companion for on-the-go chopping! ✅ BPA Free & Stainless Steel Blade - the Mini Chopper is made of BPA Free materials and comes with a rust and corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel blade. ✅ Easy to Clean - Easily detach the motor, hand wash the bowl and blade, or throw it in the dishwasher!
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Slicier™ - Sushi Making Kit
Slicier™ - Sushi Making Kit $39.95 $79.95
15-in-1 Slicier Sushi Making Kit🍣 ✈️ FREE Worldwide Shipping Today! Sushi Roller Kit includes four different sushi-making tools, with which you can easily create a variety of popular and delicious sushi recipes with your family. ✔️ With this DIY Sushi-Making Kit you can prepare tasty sushi easily and fast at home. ✔️ All you need is simply open the sushi bazooka kit, “load” with rice and the other ingredients, close it, and squeeze out the long tube with a nearly finished product. ✔️ You and your family will remember the moments when you were making sushi together. Don't Spend Your Life Savings on Sushi Restaurants! Perfectly Suitable For Beginners-Fun, Easy, and Tasty ✔️ Whether you're a beginner, a world-class professional sushi chef, or a culinary student, this kit has everything you need to make an original snack in just a couple of minutes. ✔️ Beginners buy the kit because it’s really easy to use. The Sushi Making Kit is a perfect choice for those who want to master the Art of sushi in no time and with minimal effort! ✅ Perfect Gift - The Sushi Making Kit is the perfect gift for your family and friends. ✅ 30-Day Money Back - Don’t be fooled by imitators. Nothing else comes close to the quality and innovation of the Sushi Making Kit. We are pretty sure you’ll love it.
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 Banana Slicer ABS Stainless Steel Fruit Kitchen Tools For Banana
Banana Slicer ABS $14.97 $29.97
  ✈️ FREE Worldwide Shipping Today! Slice hot dogs and place toothpicks in the middle for a perfect snack for the kids. Slices fruit effortlessly into uniform pieces. Easy to clean storage, wash with water after use and save it into the cupboard. Faster and safer than using a knife. Food Grade PP & stainless steel blade DISHWASHER SAFE. Free Express delivery, estimated 7-15 Days shipping to (US, UK, CA, AU and Europe), 15-35 days to other countries.