DrainWig Hair Catcher: Shower Savior

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DrainWig Hair Catcher: Shower Savior

€14,95 €28,95

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No More Clogged Drains!

✔️ Get out of a hairy situation with the Drain Clog Removing Hair Catcher.  This is a smart tool that prevents hair from clogging up your shower or bath. It fits exactly in any drain and catches hair inside the pipe before it creates a bigger problem.

✔️ This hair catcher helps you get rid of the hair problem without touching it.  Just the flower in place on the drain, and hair will entangle on the chain and the rubber whiskers attached.  You can save a great deal of money as you no longer need to pay for professional plumber visits or chemical cleaners! 

✔️ This smart tool is a game-changer when it comes to preventing hair from clogging up your shower or bath. The Hair Catcher fits perfectly in any drain, and once installed, it immediately starts catching hair inside the pipe before it creates a bigger problem.

✔️ PREVENT TOUGH HAIR CLOGS: Effectively catches hair as they flow down the drain, helping prevent hair clogs that result in the slow running sink or bathtub.

✔️ HYGIENIC: Completely disposable design allows you to remove hair without touching it.

✔️ LOW MAINTENANCE: Just replace every 2-4 months. No need for drain chemicals or treatments for clogged drains

✔️ Experience the freedom of taking a long, relaxing shower without the fear of clogged pipes and drainage issues. The Drain Clog Removing Hair Catcher is an essential tool for anyone who wants to avoid the mess and hassle of hair-clogged drains. Get yours today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a clog-free shower or bath!