USB Charging Portable Juicer

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USB Charging Portable Juicer

€104,95 €189,95

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Drinking a fresh and favorite juice glass gives you energy and refreshes your mood to continue any task.

But getting your desired juice wherever you want is hard since juice bars aren't located everywhere. You also can't take your electric juicer appliance wherever you go.

So how do you manage the fresh juice intake that is sure to increase your work efficiency and keep you healthy as well?

Using this USB Charging Portable Juicer will turn the tables for you.

It is compact, easy to operate, and comes with a USB interface to take it with you wherever you go and have fresh juice whenever you want.

What you'll get:

✅ Quick juice making: Unlike the hand squeezers that take a lot of your time and strength to squeeze juice for fruits, this gadget is super fast and efficient. It will extract even the last drop of juice from the fruit in a hassle-free way.

✅ Easy to wash: The detachable design of the juicer makes it easy to wash in the sink and get rid of the residual fruit stuck in the machine.

✅ Portable: Its small size and lightweight design make it ideal to accompany you on road trips, picnics, hiking, or camping adventures. Have fresh fruit juice outdoors like never before.

 USB Charging: A USB charging system keeps the juicer wire-free. With no need of a constant electricity supply, you can use it anywhere you want. Charge it with a laptop power bank or from the electricity socket to use it when you have no access to electricity.

✅ Wide applications: This portable juicer is ideal for making juice of multiple fruits like orange, pomegranate, apple, grape, watermelon, dragon, etc.

How to use:

It's simple and effortless to operate this USB charging portable juicer.

  1. 1. Simply tighten the jug clockwise on the machine and put the juicer in it.
  2. 2. Close the lid and press and hold the switch button for 2 seconds to reset the machine.
  3. 3. Next, place the half-cut orange in the jug and secure the jug's cover.
  4. 4. Press the power button and wait for juice. When the juice is collected in the bottom of the juicer, open the outlet to pour it into the glass.