Slicier™ - Magic Peel

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Slicier™ - Magic Peel

$49.95 $99.95

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Magic Peel, Effortless Holiday Baking!

Perfectly transfer pizza into your oven on a pizza stone or pizza steel

 Effortless Holiday Cooking: Magic Peel's unique conveyor belt design makes picking up and transferring pizzas a breeze, ensuring your Christmas feasts come out perfectly every time without any topping mishaps.

 Perfect for Festive Baking: Ideal for handling delicate Christmas doughs, from intricate pie lattices to artisan breads, ensuring your holiday baking is as joyful as it is delicious.

 Create Memories, Not Messes: With no sticking and easy cleanup, the Magic Peel lets you focus on the joy of Christmas cooking and the warmth of family gatherings, not the stress of a messy kitchen.

 Gift of Convenience: A wonderful Christmas present for the pizza lover or baking enthusiast in your life, offering them a new level of ease and precision in their culinary creations.

 Festive Family Fun: Engage the whole family in holiday baking with Magic Peel's simple and safe design, making it a fun and interactive experience for everyone from kids to grandparents.

MagicPeel makes picking up and transfering pizza from your baking mat to steel or ceramic stone easy

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